Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Nawroz Boys School Receives Supplies
"FOB WARRIOR, Iraq – Soldiers from the 116th Brigade Combat Team delivered donated school supplies to a Kirkuk boys’ school September 11 while assessing possible polling sites.

A team of 451st Civil Affairs Battalion, Task Force 2-116 Armor and 324th Psychological Operations Soldiers delivered privately-donated markers, pencils and writing tablets to Principal Fasal Amin of the Nawroz Boys’ Primary School.

The supplies, donated by individuals from the United States, were delivered during a stop at the school while the team was assessing five local schools for possible use as referendum or elections polling sites. The supplies were assembled by the coalition force’s Operation Provide School Supplies program operating on Forward Operating Base Warrior.

“The visit was very positive,” said Capt. Alex Carter, a 451st Civil Affairs officer. “The children at the Nawroz Boys’ Primary School told us, ‘George Bush – A Ok.’”

Supporting the efforts of Operation Provide School Supplies is part of the 116th Brigade Combat Team’s mission while deployed in Kirkuk Province, Iraq. The unit’s mission also includes developing and augmenting local Iraqi security forces, assisting Iraq’s new government, supporting economic development and facilitating communications.

The 116th BCT is comprised of headquarters and staff sections, two armor battalions, a mechanized infantry battalion, a support battalion, a field artillery battalion, an engineer battalion, and various intelligence, signal, and specialized units. The 116th BCT is one of several Army National Guard units deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III."
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