Friday, September 23, 2005

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Vets say there is no comparison between Iraq and Vietnam wars
By: Stacy Neumann & Web Staff

"Too different to even compare, that's what the Bush Administration says when asked to put Vietnam and the Iraq War side by side.

But the analogy has been making its way into mainstream America. The Hope Mills Veteran’s Commission is sponsoring "The Moving Wall" Vietnam Veterans Memorial for six days.

It is 252 feet long and has more than 58,000. The wall is in Hope Mills to pay tribute and provide closure.

Anthony Ross, a veteran, said, "Feeling in the heart. How the soldiers on this wall sacrificed."

The Vietnam Memorial replica is designed to help people come to terms with the past, even as folks continue to debate the Iraq War and the present.

Some said the growing vocal opposition to the war and President Bush's rhetoric remind them of the Vietnam Era but veterans said there's simply no comparison.

"Ho Chi Minh was in charge in Vietnam,” Frank Orians, a Vietnam veteran explained. “That was a national movement. There isn't one in the Middle East. They're just a group of insurgents. Most of them come from a foreign county."

Vets said there's a different feeling among the rank and file about this war.

Ross stated, "The soldiers now are loved and they know the effort they're putting in to make our country great and the world better."

Soldiers said, comparisons aside, there is one legacy left behind by Vietnam. That is, no matter what your political views are you can support a soldier and welcome them home proudly.

"I think that's a very critical different between what happened in a previous generation and what's happening now...and the folks you can thank for that are of the vietnam era." Al Aycock of the 18th Airborne Corps added.

The "The Moving Wall" Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be the Hope Mills Municipal park for the next week.

Volunteers are on hand to help you find names. There are 54 names of Cumberland County veterans included on the wall." (source)

...girls of the USMC...
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