Monday, September 12, 2005

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Support Shipped Downrange

"In response to Spc. Allyssa Stepek, Camp Striker, Iraq (“Supporting the troops?” letter, Sept. 1): I know how to support the troops and be against the war. Here is how you do it: You buy hundreds and hundreds of dollars’ worth of food and spend hundreds of dollars to ship it to the 2-69 at Camp Corregidor in Ramadi, where there are soldiers who don’t have enough food to eat. It is amazing that I can get food to them via UPS and the U.S. Army can’t seem to give them three hot meals per day.

When you hear that they have very little air conditioning and it’s 120 degrees, you go buy fans and ship them! You tell all of your friends that there are hungry and hot soldiers that are in need and you let them buy food and fans and you ship it!

When you hear that the CVS chocolate chunk cookies are their favorite, you ask the soldiers for pictures of them with their cookies, contact CVS pharmacy, send them the picture and ask them to send cookies to the soldiers fighting this war. And guess what? They do it!

When you know that they don’t have hot meals, you ship them a microwave so they can heat their food.

I oppose the war, but I support the troops. I assure you that the 2-69 knows I support them! I am not a Cindy Sheehan supporter, either. There are a lot of people out there who believe that if you oppose the war you support all of Cindy Sheehan’s radical ideas, and that’s not necessarily true.

The American people are demanding more accountability from our government and I believe that is long overdue. You’re right in that we don’t see all of the good we are doing, and that is unfortunate. However, we really are smart enough to know that our soldiers are doing wonderful things in Iraq. However, some of us believe that the best way to support the soldiers is to demand that we leave [Iraq] as soon as possible. That means that we must have outcome indicators that can be measured and monitored. Otherwise, how will we know when we’re finished?

So to Spc. Stepek I say: Please know that the soldiers have my personal support and I demonstrate that with my prayers and my actions. I will continue to demand “a plan” that will allow you and all of our other soldiers to come home as quickly as possible".

~Lori P, Dallas (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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