Thursday, September 08, 2005

In the Sandbox...

This one's for Redleg...
82nd Airborne Helps in New Orleans:
"Help has arrived for New Orleans from North Carolina. Thousands of 82nd Airborne soldiers from Fort Bragg are in the city of New Orleans.
They are calling this mission, Operation All American Citizen Assist. Eyewitness News reporter, Tim Nelson is embedded with the 82nd as they search New Orleans for survivors and provide a feeling of security that was sorely lacking.

Major General Bill Caldwell says his troops have a unique opportunity. "You know what is so cool about this mission is all Americans taking care of Americans. The idea of being able to help out Americans is just phenomenal".

The 82nd Airborne is expected to stay in New Orleans as long as they are needed. We're told that could be months." (source)

Marines Rescue New Orleans Residents, Deliver Supplies:
"Following Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans and the surrounding suburbs have become major areas of concern as time may be running out for the citizens who remained. Some inhabitants of the city remained because they had no means to leave. Marines have moved in with air and amphibious crafts to aid those stranded in the area.

The nearly 2,000 Marines of Special Purpose MAGTF Katrina continue conducting ongoing missions to find more survivors and to deliver supplies to those in need.

The support effort headquartered at Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base Belle Chasse, La., outside of New Orleans; supporting Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Joint Task Force Katrina is a multi-service support effort to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina." (source)

...ANG girls...
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six...
and Camp Lejuene girl.

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