Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Environmentalists Are Ruining America...

Subtitle: Sierra Club flooded New Orleans.

The Man and I have blamed high gas prices on environmentalists forever...(thanks to them there is like one refinery in the US), now it comes to light that the SIERRA CLUB and AMERICAN RIVERS blocked levee construction in New Orleans with a barrage of lawsuits that claimed the proposed construction was an "artificial barrier to nature".

"The groups argued that the ‘natural’ way would lead to better river management, but it is clear they had other agendas in mind besides flood control,” says CEI Journalism Fellow John Berlau. “They were concerned because levees were allegedly threatening their beloved exotic animals and plants. In his testimony, American Rivers’ [Jeffrey] Stein noted that the Mississippi River was home to ‘double-crested cormorant, rare orchids, and many other species, which he implied were put at risk by man-made levees."

The Army Corps of engineers was set to repair 303 miles of levees, but lawsuits halted the repairs claiming, "the Corps had not looked at “the impact on bottomland hardwood wetlands.” The lawsuit stated, “Bottomland hardwood forests must be protected and restored if the Louisiana black bear is to survive as a species, and if we are to ensure continued support for source population of all birds breeding in the lower Mississippi River valley.” In addition to the Sierra Club, other parties to the suit were the group American Rivers, the Mississippi River Basin Alliance, and the Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi Wildlife Federations." (source)

You HAVE to READ this article. Funny, I haven't seen anything about this on CNN...

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