Friday, September 30, 2005

Delay Judgement

A few people have wondered why I haven't posted on Tom Delay. I thought it would be obvious...
Democratic District Attorney
No specific charge or evidence in the indictment
Past anger at Delay for re-districting Texas and bumping Democratic seats

...and would this obscure DA have ever been on 60Minutes or had anyone know his name?

Do I have any great love for Tom Delay? Not particularly, but this really does seem like nothing but a trumped up (as evidenced by its vague nature) charge. A political vendetta if you will. I know that all is fair in politics, so he will need to fight it.

I am actually more interested in the fact that within hours after the indictment was handed down --people were receiving phone bank letters from Democrats about this. How much contact was there between Ronnie Earle and Washington Democrats?

I haven't posted about it because I didn't feel like being part of the spin machine -regardless of what side it was on...

....but you have to admit that Ronnie Earle seems like a pretty slimy guy. Definitely no Fred Thompson.

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