Thursday, September 01, 2005

Could I have Heard Right?

I was at the library on Tuesday with the boys. As they were searching for Goosebumps books that we haven't read yet I happened to notice a man sitting at the catalogue computers that looked to be about my age. I noticed him because he had five or six kids all about one - two years apart that were leaping around, rolling all over the floor and pulling random stacks of books from the shelves as he surfed the net seemingly oblivious to the havoc his children were creating.

After about a half hour and multiple sighs and dirty looks from the Sally Jessy Raphael look-alike librarian he began to round up his brood.

"OJ! OJ, it's time to go".
No...I heard wrong. There is no way someone would name there precious young baby after a brutal murderer.
"O-J, right now little man, OJ!"

*Sigh*...I heard right...

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