Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Confirmation Hearings...

If you missed the hearing yesterday (or just don't have the patience to sit threw it), you can get the "meat" of the questioning over at Blogs for Bush where Matt Margolis was live-blogging all day.

I didn't watch it all --I couldn't handle all the diatribes, pontificating, bloviating and partisan puffery. I really dislike Arlen Spector. The worst part of my ever-growing dislike is that I have voted for this man SO many times...At one point during Biden's questioning of Roberts, Biden claims that Roberts is being misleading and Spector admonishes him with this, "They may be misleading, but they are his answers." What a blow-hard!

Of all of the questioning, one thing really stood out for me. (Actually two if you count the fact that Fred Thompson rules...) Mike Dewine (R,OH) was questioning Roberts about his views on the first Amendment in light of changing/expanding technology. The context of his question was concerned with child protection from pornography laws keep getting overturned by the SC. He asked if Roberts believed that pornography was afforded as much protection by that Amendment as was political speech. In essence, are there varying degrees of protection? He then went on to say, "Parents wouldn't be marching children off to war to ensure the rights to view various sexual acts."

I know The Man will hate this, but Amen to that! It is a lesson the ACLU needs to learn. Political dissent and NAMBLAs 'right' to voice their love for children are not equally protected...and shouldn't be. I was glad to hear that Roberts agreed with Dewine and with me.

Is there a way to get Teddy enough alcohol to actually shut him up?

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