Saturday, September 24, 2005

Can We All Agree on These Two?

I am loving these two and wondering if their panache is crossing the aisle...

Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen
, Chief of Staff, United States Coast Guard
First reason to be impressed -he has a Masters from MIT.
-Three-star admiral
-Led the Atlantic forces in Coast Guard response after September 11th when every US port was considered a target.
-Has Overseen about 15,000 search and rescue operations in south-eastern US and the Caribbean.

His best quality in my eyes: He is known for cutting through red tape and bureaucracy when it would hinder what needs to get done!
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Lieutenant General Russell L. Honore, Commanding General in the First United States Army.
-Head of the Joint Task Force directing the military presence facilitating relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
-He also has a Masters and an honorary doctorate.
-The general came to rescue of one young mother trying to carry her twin babies down the street in the terrible heat and humidity of New Orleans, Starr reported. The mother was so exhausted the children were almost falling out of her arms.
The general went up to the woman and took both of her babies, handing them off to soldiers to carry, as he promised the mother that they were going to get her some help. The troops helped the three hurricane victims to a Coast Guard ship, where they were treated for exhaustion and dehydration.

Best quality: He's there to get a job done and doesn't care about his "image" or being PC. He told a reporter they were "stuck on stupid". I think I'm in love. Read the transcript and you'll have to agree. I gotta say... Honore in '08?

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