Thursday, September 29, 2005

The ACLU's Campaign Against the Military

The New York Chapter of the ACLU has begun its "major campaign” against military recruiting...or, in their words: "against unwanted, abusive and intrusive military recruitment..."

I try to tell myself that these civil liberties groups are a necessary evil --an extreme check and balance. The problem is that even if that is rooted somewhere in truth, the ACLU continues to dance on the dark side. NAMBLA, murdering terrorists and now anti-military in the midst of a global war against those that would kill them as quick as they would kill me...

"In the nearly three years since the mass murder of 3,000 innocent people on American soil but fanatic Muslim terrorists, there is not a single law or policy that the ACLU has supported that would help prevent a bloody repeat of September 11". -Michelle Malkin (source)
On the contrary, ACLU National Director Anthony Romero stated that the ACLU's post-9/11 goal was to "defend ourselves against John Ashcroft and a government that tramples on the Constitution in the name of national Security" (source). (This seems like a good place to insert that to this day there is not one documented abuse of the Patriot Act on record). Instead of working to make American's safer, the ACLU continues to champion causes that would chip away at any safety we have gained.

The NYCLU has begun targeting the military. Why? It's simple...they are anti-military. Precisely why I don't believe this "I support the troops and not the war" BS. If you don't believe in the war, you think the troops are over there murdering how could you support that? There has not been one complaint to the ACLU from school parents about recruiting...which means this is a rogue mission to punish an institution the intelligencia disdains.

The NYCLU's press brief reads as if the military members are evil -something that children need "protection" from. But, NAMBLA, actual threats to children...they go to court for. A military career is a great thing for many children. It may be their only "way out" of a bad neighborhood and a life of crime and drugs.

"As part of its campaign, the NYCLU will begin distributing a new pamphlet "No Student Left Unrecruited" outside high schools in New York City today. The pamphlet outlines student rights and provides a tear-off form that students can submit to their schools to remove their name from the recruiting lists sent to the military." (source)

You have to wonder what's next...

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