Saturday, August 13, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...REALLY!

  • Project Valour IT has a blog! It's being run by Sgt. B and Here it is. They are currently looking for a company/someone that can donate some t-shirts. Know anyone that can help? The Blogroll for the Project is up over at The Castle. This is the only Blogroll I will put on my page (sorry to everyone else that asks -the page takes long enough to load as it is) and it's up there too.
    I have extended the call for help over to the Bloggers (mostly left-wing) at Philly Future.

  • Did you know that Christopher Walken is running for President in '08? He has no party affiliation listed and so far there are only three positions stated. He is for campaign finance reform, for stem cell research and says that he is 100% behind the troops. One thing in his biography that I wasn't aware of is that he and his wife have been together for 36 years. Chris Walken is one of my favorite actors, and I have a bad feeling this is the beginning of the road that ruins that for me...

  • Mohammad, from Iraq the Model, has a MEASSAGE TO CINDY SHEEHAN posted. Here is a snippet:
    "You are free to go and leave us alone but what am I going to tell your million sisters in Iraq? Should I ask them to leave Iraq too? Should I leave too? And what about the eight millions who walked through bombs to practice their freedom and vote? Should they leave this land too?
    Is it a cursed land that no one should live in? Why is it that we were chosen to live in all this pain, why me, why my people, why you?

    But I am not leaving this land because the bad guys are not going to leave us or you to live in peace. They are the same ones who flew the planes to kill your people in New York.
    I ask you in the name of God or whatever you believe in; do not waste your son's blood.
    We here have decided to avenge humanity, you and all the women who lost their loved ones.
    Take a look at our enemy Cindy, look closely at the hooded man holding the sword and if you think he's right then I will back off and support your call."

    This is such a powerful letter straight from Iraq, and I HOPE that Ms. Sheehan is able to read it. Hat tip to Beth
    MajorDad has also posted an Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan. One line from it really stood out:
    "Casey's re-enlistment a full five months after the invasion of Iraq sends me a very clear message...the Army is exactly where he wanted to be as well."

  • JP of The National Guard Experience has moved all of his writings to his new site. He also informs readers that he will be writing a weekly column at Operation Truth. The site has this in the sidebar:
    "Operation Truth is America's first and largest nonprofit, non-partisan advocacy organization for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars."
    I assume they are following in Hack's footsteps, but I am reserving opinion as of yet...on them --JP is great and I look forward to his columns.

  • Dan Rubin over at The Philadelphia Inquirer's blog, Blinq, has an interesting article up about the overwhelming amount of Bloggers that are from Philly --and many of the biggest left-wing bloggers. Read it and feel my pain! (Thanks to That Dude from Philly for the props in the comments of that post!)

  • Last but not least... Stop the ACLU is looking for volunteers in their fight. They need people that would be willing to mail letters to churches to help get them involved in fighting the ACLU. Go get the details and see if you can help! This effort has been recognized and written up by WorldNet Daily, so you can get in on the ground floor!
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