Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Rosa Parks of Islam

Asra Nomani, a 40 yr. old Muslim woman, crossed the partition and kneeled to pray with the men at the Islamic Center of Southern California. (Women and children are not allowed to pray with the men and relegated to sitting in the back behind tinted glass).

"A man brusquely approached her: "You are not allowed to pray here with men. The women are on the other side." A woman tried to coax her out, then lost patience and tried to lift her up by the elbow. A man stared at Nomani and muttered, "She must be mentally sick."

Nomani stood her ground. No, she was not going to move. Yes, she had an Islamic right to sit there. As a security guard towered over her, she began chanting "Allahu akbar" (God is great) to keep focused. But she noticed her fingers trembling." (source)

Nomani's actions have caused outraged among American male Muslims. Good. Time to come out of the Middle Ages. Good for you Asra, but I don't envy the backlash that will most likely befall you.

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