Monday, August 08, 2005

PA steps up to the plate...

Two Pennsylvania Senators, Jane Orie (R) and John Rafferty (R), have introduced 'Jessica's Law' legislation for the Keystone state. They were joined by Jessica Lunsford's father Mark Lunsford at the news conference held in Harrisburg.

This legislation calls for any adult that is convicted of sexually assaulting a child under 12 to be sentenced to a minimum of 25 years. It would also require that offenders by monitored by GPS systems, and would require judges to impose a mandatory life sentence for a second offense. If adopted, these will be among the toughest laws in the country. Currently New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are all considering similar legislation. (source)

There has also been a new bill introduced federally, The Child Safety Act of 2005, which is sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R). This bill looks to strengthen laws regarding sex offender registration.

I don't want to hear about rehabilitation and 'double jeopardy'. No child should ever have to pay the price that leniency or trust in 'these people' will most likely result in. Almost ever case this spring and summer have been committed by repeat offenders. We need to stop making our children pay for other's ideals. If you write one advocacy letter --or make one phone call this year...PLEASE let it be about this. Contact your Senators, representatives and Governors and urge them to get these stricter standards passed!

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