Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Meet FreeMOM

...I just had the pleasure of speaking with FreeMOM on the phone. She needed a place to rant and of course her request will always be granted here...FreeMOM has the floor:

Hi! I am FreeMom. . .and at this moment a “candlelight vigil” is being held on the four corners of the cross street of our block in support of that sad excuse for a mother, Cindy Sheehan. My son, THE MARINE (who is the grandson of a WWII MARINE) had to drive through THAT to go to the corner store.

FreeMom grew up during the Viet Nam era. Free mom wore bell bottoms & organized protests – only FreeMom was protesting the war on the unborn, not the war in Viet Nam.

FreeMom just had to watch the reaction of free0352 to these “peaceniks” on the corner. It was not pretty. It certainly was not peaceful to MY mind.

I am a REAL MILITARY MOM. Many times I was up at late night when my son was participating in Operation Enduring Freedom as part of the Global War on Terrorism pacing the floor, losing sleep, waiting to find out “who was bombed?” Praying that there was no knock on MY door – but knowing if it came I had a son to be proud of fighting to keep all of us in the blessings so many generations of warriors have secured for us “folks.”

Then, there were the nights I just worried, knowing I may find out the bad news LATER like the time my son was snagged with defoliant in Columbia – (by our own error no less) –returned home wounded. . .but having no BARRACKS to return to because instead of supporting our military we were busy dry cleaning dresses for the “friends of Billy Clinton.” My son was sick with pneumonia & shrapnel wounds – but despite the fact that he was so wounded –no temporary off base housing allowance – NO! He was in the Marine Corps with a BILL CLINTON contract – sick and homeless – but still PROUD TO BE A U.S. MARINE.

And after thinking about that, watching his reaction to the Cindy supporters and realizing how bad I want to smash the idiots right in the nose. . .I am thinking. . .maybe instead – like those old Viet Nam days – I could organize a Mother’s of the Military (MOM). However, since we want to HONOR rather than DIShonor our sons and daughters who serve this nation so well, we probably won’t get much attention.

Never-the-less, next time you see or hear the word MOM, on a mother’s day card, a TV commercial, the radio. . .just remember what MOM REALLY stands for.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Marine Mom


Mother of free0352 (really – now you know where he gets it from)

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