Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Just the Facts Ma'am

Before the furor begins over John Bolton...(oops, it already began) Presidential Recess Appointments are as common as drawing breath.

Our first President was the first to utilize this power when he appointed a Supreme Court Chief Justice during a Congressional recess. Eisenhower made three recess appointments to the Supreme Court. Reagan made something like 240 recess appointments. President Bush 41 made 77 recess appointments throughout his one-term Presidency. President Clinton made 140 recess appointments. (Three of which, as Tim Russert pointed out, were very controversial). President Bush has made 106 appointments including Bolton (most of them to minor posts).

This Presidential power is provided for in the Constitution. Does anyone honestly give a damn who is the ambassador to the United Nations?! Actually, Dick Morris (former Clinton advisor), believes that in a year John Bolton will be widely popular with the American people because of his no-nonsense attitude and the pressing need to clean house at the U.N.

The Dems are calling Ambassador Bolton "damaged goods". Who damaged him? That reminds me of a time a friend and I were in TJ Maxx. She dropped a mirror right in front of the sales girl and then said, "This is broken, I'm not paying full price for this!"
...and I thought I had big ones...

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