Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jingoism 101

I watched an interview with a woman in Britain right after the second attack on London. She was talking about the much discussed fact that the UK has let so many people immigrate without assimilating, but she went on to say something that I found very interesting.

She said that in England 'pride in country' is not something that children (even native Britons) are taught. The reason, she believed, stems from the residual guilt of being a former conquering Empire and their associated past sins. She said that country pride was so strong in Canada and the United States (and I would Ireland and Greece to that list) because it is taught from an early age. She believed it was that pride that would protect the US and Canada from the type of 'home grown' attacks that London endured.

I feel that many in the left in this country abhor what they deem as jingoism. They think it's wrong to think we are *better* than other countries. Why? There is nothing wrong with having pride in your country --and the beauty is that if you don't, you can always do what Johnny Depp did and move to the country you like more.

Here is *one* example of why we're better:
The United States houses every single race, color shape, size, and religion from the entire world. We manage to have a working Constitution, court systems and a pretty decent way of life (where even the poorest among us have Big screen TVs and DVD players). We not only have Christians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims...but Mormons, Christian Scientists, Wiccans, Atheists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Swedenborgians and Moonies -- In Iraq they have three damn sets of people (Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds) and they can't get it together to write a Constitution. The West Bank and Gaza has two religions and they can't get it together. What would they do here if they ever *truly* had to contend with diversity?! They think the Jews and Christians are infidels...can you imagine if they had to co-exist with all the cults?

SO, Jingoism 101 is: Don't try to stifle Patriotic pride and don't be ashamed of it... Giving someone that pride at an early age makes the success of their country something they have a vested interest in, a feeling of camaraderie with fellow citizens and in the end may make them less likely to do something sinister against that country...

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