Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jimi Hendrix and the 101st Airborne

The Smoking Gun has obtained Jimi Hendrix's military file and has 18 pages posted on thier site.
"Army brass delivered withering assessments of the 19-year-old soldier. Hendrix, Captain Gilbert Batchman reported, slept on the job, had little regard for regulations, and was once "apprehended masturbating" in the latrine. Sergeant Louis Hoekstra noted that Hendrix was a "habitual offender" when it came to missing midnight bed checks and that the Seattle teenager was unable to "carry on an intelligent conversation."(source)

UPDATE: OK peeps, I am not making judgments here. I am only directing you to a story you may not have seen elsewhere. I found the records quite interesting to read through. It's not like it's any surprise the kid had mental problems...he did kill himself and he was an awesome musician. Most great musicians/writers are tortured souls. Calm down! :) I am not dissing Jimi...

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