Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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Present the Evidence
"The leftist propaganda in “A crock of nonsense” (letter, Aug. 9) cannot pass without comment.

Despite respect for the author’s military and civilian service to the U.S., his letter is riddled with errors and half-truths. Can he provide evidence of a single instance of “loss of liberty to security” any American citizen has suffered since the initiation of the war on terror?

Comments regarding “the perceived right of the president to lock up anyone who is deemed an ‘enemy combatant,’” and blathering about the Geneva Convention are standard bleatings of the “hate America/hate Bush” crowd.

I challenge the author to demonstrate how terrorists have eligibility for the protections of the Geneva Convention — since one must be in the armed forces of a signatory nation of the Geneva Convention protocols for eligibility. One must abide by these protocols, which our enemies egregiously fail to do with every terrorist atrocity they commit.

The author rants incoherently about “a whole host of other violations of civilized behavior.” Spare us such baseless comments. Those guilty of putting underwear on the heads of Abu Ghraib terrorists are being tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Contrast that with the murderous thugs who sawed off Nick Berg’s head. Who is committing violations of civilized behavior here?

If you have evidence of illegal acts by U.S. personnel, bring them forward. Making outrageous political statements with no basis in fact is the standard operating procedure of the Democratic/liberal party, but it is unbecoming from a former soldier.

We are performing a mission for our Commander in Chief. We are helping Iraq establish a free nation against vicious thugs who have no respect for human rights, much less democratic forms of government. Try to stick to facts and common sense in utilizing your First Amendment rights, which I note have not been taken away despite your hyperbolic rhetoric."

-Dr. (Maj.) John Harvey
Camp Taji, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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