Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In the Sandbox...

College Classes in Iraq

"In March 2004, I received permission from Sullivan County Community College (SUNY) to teach college classes in Iraq during my tour. My executive officer, Lt. Col. John Nunn, said he thought the idea was great, yet I would have to sell it to the active Army.

I tried and did not receive any support. I tried again in September and still there was fear it might interfere with the mission.

Once at Camp Speicher, a caring Lt. Col. Aimee Klimowicz, the health and well-being officer, accepted it as a trial program. A number of soldiers with graduate degrees were hired and started teaching classes for the SUNY system for college credit. Now we are in our last and final semester ending in early September.

Students pay $45 per SUNY college credit. The instructors are nonpaid volunteers since they are already paid by the military. Soldier must have 2,250 sit-down minutes of instruction to get credit. Students in both my classes did two term/project papers in teams of two.

This program could improve with recognition from the Army and other services. There are already Air Force personnel in classes. Now my hope is the program will be accepted by the Army after I go back to the United States. I dream of a theaterwide college program that helps soldiers who leave the wire by providing makeup classes if combat logistics patrols are more than a week’s time.

There can be a college program that can suit many soldiers’ schedules, a program that does not interfere with the mission and gives young people hope and the ability to dream. This college program could happen theaterwide if enough deployed people ask for it. We are the American military; we can do anything if it seems like the right thing to do."
-Chief Warrant Officer 2 Michael Moritz
Camp Speicher, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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