Monday, August 15, 2005

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Take Your Bus to Iraq, Jane
"Our “beloved” Hanoi Jane is at it again, about actress Jane Fonda’s plans to tour the USA in a vegetable oil-powered bus drumming up support against the war in Iraq.

I have no problems with defending the right of someone to have an opinion. I do have a problem when someone who has no business in politics uses her social status or reputation to get into the media and voice her opinion like it is the general consensus of the USA.

I have a campaign suggestion for her: Take your vegetable-powered bus and tour Iraq with it. Stop in every town and talk to the Iraqis (a few of whom are blood-thirsty insurgents — don’t worry, they won’t harm you, Jane) who now have an opportunity at a better life. Just because we took action the United Nations failed to do years ago by not enforcing sanctions in Iraq, why should we — the soldiers — be spit on by your abuse of fame?

Personally, as a soldier, I am tired of hearing the “we are against war, but for the soldier” cop-out. I appreciate the support for the soldier — I really do — but Fonda still belittles the sacrifice and honor of those who have fallen and fought bravely for a foreign freedom in this conflict when she argues against war — especially in a vegetable oil-powered bus. (Whose idea was that?)

Fonda should stop forcing her opinion onto the public via the media because of her status. I am tired of hearing yammering from people who have nothing to do with politics and I am sure a lot of others are, too.

Fonda should write down her opinion and send it into the paper like the rest of us and let the media report the news, not her opinion."
-Sgt. Darren Alleyne
Forward Operating Base Speicher, Iraq (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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