Monday, August 22, 2005

Illegals: The Dilemma Mounts

On top of the Mexican Government sponsored comic book that illustrates to Mexicans how to illegally cross into our country, they are now funding 'staging area/water stations' to help would-be illegals to complete their invasion. These stations not only provide water but a place for people to haggle with "coyotes" (guides to cross them) and they are "also a place for drug smugglers looking to move marijuana and cocaine into the United States". (source)
It may be pre-election posturing, but Governor Bill Richards seems to finally be getting serious about this problem. He has demanded that these sites be bulldozed.
Why don't people (including President Bush it would seem) understand what a threat this is?
"In April, Grupo Beta worked with the Mexican military and the Sonora State Preventive Police to move would-be illegal aliens out of the desert areas just south of the U.S. border to locations east and west of Naco, Ariz., to avoid the Minuteman Project volunteers holding a vigil on the border.
A branch of Mexico's National Migration Institute, Grupo Beta also helped pass out fliers warning migrants that the Minuteman volunteers, whom they described as "armed vigilantes," were waiting across the border to hurt them.
In addition to the aid stations, the Mexican government has distributed more than a million copies of a 32-page handbook advising migrants how to cross into the United States. The book, known as "Guia del Migrante Mexicano," or "Guide for the Mexican Migrant," contains tips on avoiding apprehension by U.S. authorities.
Aid stations for illegal aliens also exist in the United States, many of them established and supplied by various humanitarian organizations such as Humane Borders, a Tucson faith-based group that targets illegal aliens who the organization said might otherwise die in the desert.
Humane Borders, established in 2001, has 70 water stations along the U.S. side of the border, each with two 50-gallon tanks next to a 30-foot-mast with a blue flag." (source)

Someone from the left that reads this site thinks it may be time for a wall similar to the one the Israelis are building. I believe it has also been suggested by others (including The Man). I just can't envision civil rights groups ever allowing it to happen...

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