Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gender Differences

My mom and I were discussing the differences in how men and women relate to various problems. We were talking about the fact that when my boys were little I bought them an array of toys that included stuffed animals, baby dolls, kitchen sets, etc... Not just 'boy toys'. I also didn't let them have toy guns. Presented with all these choices they discarded the animals and dolls and played exclusively with the GI Joes, monster trucks and crafted guns from Legos and aluminum foil. These, seemingly innate, male traits fascinate me. I have read so many articles about gender roles being a product of nurture -not nature, but how can that explain my boys and their gravitation toward typically male-oriented objects when presented with a spectrum of choices?
Anyway, I was wondering if there is one trait that you believe is inherently male/female that drives you crazy...?
Mine is how boys tell a story. I want details...facial expressions, body language, sighs, smiles... I live with three boys, so what I get is, "He was fine. He said it was fine." ARGGHHH!

Related Item: Bluewolfess has a post about men and women and how they really don't hear us because women's voices are more complex and require the use of several parts of the brain to decipher. This is what I call 'selective hearing'...

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