Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I don't always get a chance to answer all my "blonde sagacity" generated email. I really try to, but a lot of mail goes to that account... Most of it from people that I don't know. I decided to post some emails straight from the Inbox. The ones that I choose reflect common questions that I receive.

1) "Do you really believe the crap that you post?"
As a matter of fact I do. Unlike Daily Kos, my opinions are mine and mine alone. Never paid for by any candidate, company or campaign.

2) "I think you are an asshole. You shouldn't call NARAL she-men. You're ugly."

Well, that's not really a question now is it.

3) "How can you call yourself a conservative? From the little that I've read: you smoke, have tattoos and let your husband look at pornography."

I think of myself as a Libertarian-Conservative. I am generously equipped with free will. Not one thing that I believe has been dictated by my party.
BTW -I "let" my husband?

4) "Die GOP whore."

(I have gotten various creative versions of this one)

5) "Can you tell me what politicians you really like?"

I like the behind-the-scenes people best. Mary Matalin and the late Lee Atwater quickly come to mind. I also like Bush, George Allen, Joe Lieberman, and JC Watts (off the top of my head).

6) "Do you ever think you would run for public office?"

No, I would never put my family through that.

7) Do you realize that your positions would set back women 500 years? How do you live with yourself?
Obviously I strongly disagree with that opinion or I wouldn't believe in the things that I do.

8) "Will you marry me?"

Actually, I am already married. Maybe, because I always say 'The Man', people assume we are "living in sin" LOL I don't say 'husband' because I'm not old and it makes me feel that way.

9) "You say that you are so pro-military and glorify it constantly. Would you let your boys die to save a foreigner or oil?"

Yes, I will encourage my boys to pursue whatever they want to do. If they choose to enlist I am sure that I will experience what most parents do: a mixture of fear and heart-swelling pride. (Needless to say I disagree with the 'politics' of this question)

10) "Is that your cleavage in the Haloscan comments?"

Ah, the most common question. Hmmm, I can't remember.

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