Thursday, August 25, 2005

Don't Tell the Truth!

The New Hampshire attorney general is investigating a Rochester doctor because a patient complained that he bluntly told her she needed to lose weight." (source)

This doctor, Dr. Terry Bennett, may now be publicly disciplined for telling someone the truth...that she is obese. Being obese is detrimental to one's health and sex life-- which is what he told her. She, in turn, wrote a letter of complaint to the Board of Medicine, which then made its way to the Attorney General.

"The Board of Medicine would not comment on the case, but Vice President Kevin Costin said, "Physicians have to be professional with patients and remember everyone is an individual. You should not be inflammatory or degrading to anyone." (source)

It is a sad state of affairs when a doctor isn't able to give sound, honest medical advice to his patients... I really have a problem with the whole PC/sissy sensitive stuff. How bad will it be by the time our kids are grown?!

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