Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Anti-War Military Families

I tried to ignore Cindy Sheehan, but she won't go away.
I understand that there are anti-war military family members. I also understand that it feels wrong to become anti-war only after a loss to the family. I also wonder what (if any) shame this brings the men and women who are deployed when they see their fathers and mothers being interviewed on the news in this context.
It seems that every time they interview someone from Code Pink or Veterans Against the War, they always claim it will be a member of the military and then it ends up being a mother, father or brother. Families differ. My own family is split...4 behind the war, 2 against and 1 that could care less either way. I wouldn't speak out against something one of my brothers chose to do if they were the one in harm's way and they signed up to do it. In my eyes that would not only disrespect their beliefs but also their life choices.

Cindy Sheehan's 24 year old son was killed in Iraq and my heart goes out to her. I can’t imagine the pain that she has to deal with. She has been protesting outside of Camp David. But she has made a bit of a slip in the news:
"Cindy Sheehan (search) — the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq last year who's now camped outside President Bush's Crawford ranch demanding to see him — said yesterday on CNN that a private meeting with President Bush last year was offensive, insisting, "He acted like it was a party ... he came in very jovial, like we should be happy that ... our son died for [the President's] misguided policies."

But just after that 2004 meeting, she gave a very different account, telling her local paper, the Vacaville Reporter, "I now know [the president is] sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis. I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith." She added that President Bush "gave us ... the gift of happiness, of being together." (source1, source2)

This about-face has to make you wonder if big-money anti-war groups (Soros, Ickes, Moveon) are getting a hold of military families and offering a bit of green incentive to publicly criticize the President and the war. What better spokesperson than a fallen soldier's family. Where are all the investigative journalists...? I’d love to trace the money trails of these particular groups...

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