Thursday, August 11, 2005

And They Criticize Rove's Tactics....?

By now I am sure that you have all heard about the Judge John Roberts attack ad that NARAL is running (I heard that Soros has one too, but I haven't seen/heard that one). The She-Men are claiming that Roberts advocates violence against clinic workers because he voted against allowing an 1871 ruling that prohibited KKK members from protesting to be used against pro-life demonstrators. The Supreme Court agreed in a 6-3 majority ruling.

Here is my dilemma. Regardless of your personal position/belief about abortion, I just don't understand why groups like NOW and NARAL (who thrive on marching and protesting) would ever petition to deprive someone else of that right. This hypocrisy always reminds me of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their non-reciprocal policies. They come to your door with stacks of Watchtower Magazines expecting you to take tem, but they are forbidden to take anything from you. "Doesn't it strike you as odd that your leaders don't trust in you or in your faith enough to allow you to read a dissenting view?” I asked a girl at my door one Saturday, "How can you put your faith in people that have no faith in you? What are they sheltering you from? Why are they so scared about you exploring? Exploration makes my faith stronger." She had no answers and they haven't come to my door again. Why the double standards everywhere?

If someone truly believes that abortion is murder, wouldn't it be wrong if they weren't out there trying to stop it?

The ACLU had joined the anti-Roberts chorus calling his Reagan and Bush 41 affiliation "troubling". What I should have found on their website was the fact that Roberts was instrumental in the decision of a landmark gay rights case that he worked on tirelessly and pro bono. And that a Black leadership group is fully supporting Roberts' nomination. If he was a Clinton Nominee instead of a Bush nominee these would be the headlines and not the footnotes. Hypocrisy.

In a rare occurrence, has given NARAL's ad a 100% FALSE rating. And they criticize Rove's tactics? Amazing how well some can talk out of both sides of their mouth. (*Thanks to Freakchylde for that link!)

What the hell, every other cause has one...Protest NARAL from your computer and get one...

It's Thursday, so don't forget to stop by Stop The ACLU's site and check out today's blogburst.

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UPDATE: NARAL has just announced that they are withdrawing the ad.

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