Thursday, August 04, 2005

ACLU: Evolution VS. Creation

ACLU Challenges 'Intelligent Design':
The ACLU will defend the mandatory reading of the Qur'an in public schools (you know, the book that says to remove the infidel's head from above the neck), but they are writhing and frothing at the thought of 'creationism' or 'intelligent design' being taught in public schools. The ACLU's PA chapter is the first to file.

Here's my two part argument (which, in my mind, is based purely on common sense and no religious or political stance):

1) Isn't the purpose of education to EDUCATE? If a sizeable number of the population believe in Creationism, isn't it feasible that it be taught? Children are taught many things that we don't "believe in", but that they should be educated about. How can a student effectively argue for evolution if they are uneducated about the alternative views?

2) In my mind either theory that you decide to believe in requires the same leap of faith. It takes a lot of faith to believe that a Supreme Being molded the world and created man in his owm image. It also takes a great denial of logic to believe that a giant bang that came from nothing created life (and digestive and endocrine systems and perfect food chains). Someone once said, "If you throw a grenade into your TV and wait 100,000 years --the TV still won't work". My point? If both theories are fantastical -what makes one more valid than the other? After all, evolution is a scientific theory...

People that believe in creation don't discount evolution. I believe in the constant evolution of a species (beaks get long, necks shorter, etc)...but no one will convince me that the world was an accident.
Isn't the ACLU all about NON-discrimination? Don't Christians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims all believe in Creation? So who exactly is being discriminated against in teaching it? Atheists? Since when does the minority rule the majority?
Shouldn't the ACLU be out there making sure that 'intelligent design' is taught in all schools...making sure all students are informed and well-rounded?

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