Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why I Don't Trust Civilians...

...with guns. I know, I know...I'm not saying that I want to take them away, my NRA enthusiasts. I respect the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms --but I am also allowed to mistrust many that bear them...

Because of things like this --
"[A]2-year-old toddler, Shaina Daugherty, from Brownsville, PA was accidentally shot and killed Tuesday when her father, Fred, was attempting to shoot a raccoon in front of the family home..."Our investigation indicates this was nothing more than a horrific accident. There doesn't appear to be any criminal intent," Fayette County District Attorney Nancy Vernon said. "There's no indication that he had any ill feelings or intended to inflict any harm on the child," she said. "Unless the toxicology tests come back positive, we do not intend to file any charges." (source)

And this --

"In March, Regina Jones-Peoples, 30, of Warren, Ohio, survived 18 gunshots, from her neck to her legs, allegedly by her estranged husband, Marcus Jones, 29, on whom police issued an arrest warrant. After the shooting, Jones-Peoples got back into her car and drove herself to St. Elizabeth for treatment, police said." (source)
She has 50 Cent beat!

And this --
In an early-morning shootout on June 4 in the Homewood housing complex in Pittsburgh, two undercover officers and suspect Keith Carter, 19, exchanged a total of at least 103 gunshots and missed every single time. (source)

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