Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where Do You Shop?

Over at Politics of a Patriot, run by a 17 year old girl who has recently enlisted in the Navy, there a is post about a website that was set up for left-leaning folks to outline the companies that give to "blue" candidates and ones that they should avoid (the ones that contribute the "red" team). Ironically, now us "reds" can save money on setting up our own website, since they have done the work for us...
So thank you to BuyBlue.org for letting us know all the companies that give to organizations like Pew, Moveon.org and George Soros' ilk-- I will be sure to avoid them all when possible.
I am not a big boycott person (I quite enjoyed a Ben & Jerry's Half Baked bar last night), but if it's just as easy for me to go to one store or another -I'll pick the one that hasn't contributed $123 million to the erosion of my first amendment rights thank you very much...

Sites I was SAD to see donating 100% BLUE:
Starbucks (*sulking*)
Barnes & Noble (no shocking news there)
Levis & Strauss (that would've bugged me in the 80's)
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Overstock.com (damn)
Gap (77%)
Gateway (84%)
Ebay (57%)
Comcast (53%)

Ones that I was glad to see leaned RED:
Best Buy (yeah!)
Krispy Kreme
Ace Hardware
Michael's Crafts
Dominos Pizza
Pier One (yeah);)
Gold's Gym
Sax 5th Ave
Urban Outfitters (that one shocked me)
Williams Sonoma

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