Saturday, July 16, 2005

Welcome to the Party!'s my one-year BLOGIVERSARY.
...I had 1,000 ideas about what kind of post to write today --I wrote a huge one yesterday that Justice erased by mistake (yes, he's still alive). If you'll indulge me though, I would just like to say Thank You. Thanks to all of you that facilitated debate, made me laugh, pissed me off, left wonderful comments, sent great emails, sent nasty emails that cracked me up, became real life friends and most of all gave me a place to have a voice. There have been times of doubt, but all in all I have gained much more than I have lost here in the Blogosphere. There is something really special/ unique/ wonderful/ annoying/ hilarious about each one of you (choose the adjective that fits you best). Thanks to each one of you that has helped to broaden my horizons... (in sorta-chronological order):

CBFTW's WAR: My blogfather, so really the 'reason for the season' (at least in July LOL). Speak English or Die my friend!
Blank Forever: The Man. A lot of couples can't handle the co-blogging thing...yet another thing we are good at!
Anonymous Rowhouse: My real-life best friend -it was a Cosby sweater!
Jen & BigandMean's Unbalance: Two of the first people I met here and two that I truly consider real-life friends.
Keystone Soldiers: I am continually humbled by your dedication.
A Redleg's Perspective: A Majorly awesome paratrooper that represents well for the 82nd!
Punk Rock Mommy: A pure soul and a true friend with the sexiest singing voice ever.
Ciggy: The quickest wit in the blogosphere...and you should hear his deep voice!
Desultory Butterfly: The most envied body in the blogosphere. This is the girl to party with!
Castle Argghhh!: Where else can you get Gun POrn, Artillery POrn and Plane POrn. John and BillT are both treasure troves of knowledge (all PG-17 of course).
A Day In Iraq: Michael! I miss you. This is a milblogger in the tradition of CBFTW...he hasn't blogged in a bit, but a little bird told me that he's doing just fine.
My favorite Non-Blog Having friends:
Free0352: Who ALWAYS makes me laugh (while I'm shaking my head). You are the best jarhead blog jewelry ever!
91Ghost: My blog twin. I really miss you around here. Guest audio post ;)
Jpck: You know my motto, the more marines the better! Thanks for being hot --oh, i mean for the insightful commentary! LOL
Russ from Winterset: Who I would marry if we weren't both already married. You are one of the funniest people I have encountered -and intelligent to boot!
92alpha: My Dad and my most loyal reader (and not just because he has to!)
Aunt Bitchy: My horrible little sister and an incredible friend (with a plummeting purity rating).
LeftyJones: We have known each other forever (13) and still bicker like brother and sister. Congrats to him and Cheeky on the birth of their new baby (was it born on Bush's birthday as per my prediction?)
Liz: Who I have also known forever (as in since I was 4) -and is awesome about sending me emails with stories that I may have missed.
Riceburner: My Uncle for those of you that didn't know. A staunch supporter even when he doesn't always agree.
The Middle Ground: Kat adds something brilliant to any conversation -thanks for always having the research to back up all of our opinions!
Nimbus' Marrow: My favorite Democrat. He is a genuinely good guy and I would love to hear him, tesco and Bonnie jam together!
Straight White Guy: Is gentlemanly southern charm personified -throw in Marine and you fall in love. I know, I know...he doesn't like blondes...:)
ADEIMANTUS: TomM... I really miss you and pray that you are well.
The Glob Blog: Frater has been MIA, but he was the first person to link me that didn't know me.
Tammi's World: Another of the very first people that I met here...the rare mixture of genuine and witty. I would love to have a few drinks with Tammi!
Lone Liberal in The Dirty South: RBP was part of the original crew. He is the inspiration for the new tagline ;)
The Cassandra Page: Salt swoops in with something poignant at all the right times!
The G-Man: He will forever be my Knight in shining armor for resurrecting my computer. It's awesome that BlueWolfess, his wife, has decided to join the fray!
Donal's an Ex-Liberal: How cool is that! Donal has been around forever too and I am so happy that I was able to witness his transformation.
Rab the Writer: My first nemesis and now a blog friend. You are the only REAL far left person I know who is a kind hearted person under it all ;)
PhilDillon: Another very insightful blog written by a veteran. Phil is a great guy.
AFSis' Side of the Puddle: No better PR person in the blogosphere! AFSis is dedicated to the troops and a riot in the Grotto (which is always Rated G)
Homeschooling Mamma: Monica was the very first person I ever met online...pre-blogs. Protest Warrior! We live way too close to have not met yet!
Awesome Alix: Is one of the kindest hearted people I have met here -she wins quickest witted girl of the blogs!
Honest Partisan: You have been around forever too! HP's comments are intelligent and never virtiolic. He is a credit to his party (that's one...LOL)
FolkGirl: We never agree poilitically, but she gets 100% credit for my knitting SKILLS! (I have skills...)
Paul: I wish you would smile more often, but you do have a certain charm for livening up the comments!
Guardian Watchblog: Cav has a great blog -similar to Kat's with TONS of hard work and research. It's quite inspiring.
My Favorite Pastor: I love Rob, and even more I love that he loves me! His family is lucky to have this great guy!
J. Marquis: J is another reason for the new tagline...LOL. I know there's a conservative waiting to be realized in him!
Sleeping Ugly: I wish Zelda lived on my street. Which would be too cool because that would mean that Jethro lived there too. This is the coolest couple ever (well, after The Man and I) :)
That Dude From Philly: I have a feeling we must have met in our teenage years... Aside from breastfeeding discussions, I always love what he has to say...haha...
TrekMedic251: Seems to finally be comfortable in our midst. I'll bake you muffins anytime!
Skye's in Philly too: And we have to crash a Philly Blogger meetup so the right is represented. She's blunt and sassy and I love it!
She Who Will Be Obeyed: You all know that I think Beth is awesome. This Superwoman maintains a crazy travel schedule, a great blog and John. :)
Army Girl: is preparing to go to Afghanistan. She is upbeat and optimistic and her sunny outlook is often quite contagious!
Pax Romano: Pax is a riot and I think that our meeting showed us the downfall of "flat writing" --when real people are attached to words, you find you have a lot more in common than you would have ever guessed.
Righty in a Lefty State: Barb is really great and I was so glad to see her lending MSG Keith a hand with the new blog!
Matt's Tattered Coat: Matt is the editor of Philly Future, and though I normally disagree with him --I respect what he has to say.
Freakchylde's Playground: Girl, you are one of the most interesting and intriguing people that I have met here --and you look damn sexy with weaponry! ;)
Sgt.B's Gun Line: The Sarge is just an all around cool dude who had no problem stepping right up to the Sandbox challenge (*ahem John*)
Zoomie Confessions: Zoom is our studly AF boy in Iraq. Beware -he is a sweet talkin' charmer! ;)
Maidink: So glad to have you back in the Blogosphere! You'll have to come on one of JR and I's Saturday escapes!
My Army Life: MSG Keith has his own digs now I am excited to read all the wisdom he has to impart. The true picture of the humanitarian side of the American Soldier.
Third World Country: Dave always has something great to add -and judging by his carnival entries, he's a great cook!
Stop the ACLU!!!: Jay is working to stop the ACLU -and you can't get much cooler than that!
Homocon: Has a great site and an uncanny ability to find the best pics for all his posts.
ArmyWifeToddlerMom: Has a great site with a mix of everything -I love hearing the military wife's point of view!
New Friends...
Andi's World: Another military wife whose site is SO good... Informative and personal which is a hard mix to achieve.
A Unique Southern Belle: Joining me, PRM and Zelda in the 'cool' moms club. LOVE the new look of the site!
Irish Diablo: Is very new, but I can tell that I am going to like him already.
Courtney: She seems really cool -so we'll have to work on bringing her into the right light. ;)

I know there are more people that have added to this experience -and PLEASE don't be offended if I forgot someone. It's so late and this is the second time that I have done all these links thanks to my oldest Sage spawn. Thank you all...

: Salt asked why/how I started blogging and I guess I should have included that... JR read an article about a since defunct Milblogger named Levi in People Magazine. From his site we found Buzz (CBFTW). We started reading CB's site a few days after it started. I wanted to start commenting, but couldn't unless I signed up for Blogger. Some people figured out how to create a username without creating a blog -but I couldn't so I set up the site. You can see by my choice of user name that I never imagined anyone but JustRose reading it. I never intended to be ALLAH (which I wanted to be Ay-eL-Ay, but I know everyone says it allah in their heads) in the middle of the War on Terror...though now I like the irony of an infidel, conservative Allah... So that's how it started-- to comment on CBFTW's My War.

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