Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekend Mini-Rants...

THIS PAINTING, which may look like a masterpiece from a sixth grade art class was actually done by a Berkeley Lawyer, and it's causing quite a stir... The problem isn't just a 'free speech' issue. The painting hangs in the taxpayer-funded Sacramento Department of Justice building. I personally could care less because it only illustrates in a smack-you-in-the-face manner the continued hypocrisy of the left. If that was a Qur’an instead of the USA would it be hanging there? If someone had painting the Ten Commandments would that be hanging there? I am gonna guess -NO.
(Mason just saw this pic and said "Mommy, why did a horrible person do that to America?" --From the mouths of babes...)

Stupid People:
Yesterday morning I heard that they were searching backpacks in NYC. Someone said, "People are gonna be freakin' out about that!" I disagreed. Who in their right mind would be upset about that? Open up your backpack for two seconds...that's upsetting? Then, low and behold I go over to Philly Future and see this shirt and This Article. Hold on, I have to go bang my head on a sharp object. *Please note* If you wear this t-shirt and are blown up, maimed and/or severely burned --there will not be an ounce of sympathy. Maybe we'll throw candy in the streets like they did on 9/11. (Do people so soon forget the millennium plot was stopped and thousands of lives saved by a random search?!)

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