Saturday, July 30, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...

  • The 50th Carnival of the Recipes is up at Fiesty Repartee and host Christina did an incredibly comprehensive and obviously time-consuming job! Some things that look great this week are: Crab cakes and lemon dill sauce (The Man is a crab cake connoisseur, so I will have to make these for him), the Italian in me gravitated to the Garganelli with Prosciutto and Arugula (Yum!), and Mason's favorite is, we'll give this Pesto Pizza a whirl. It was really hard to pick examples this week because everything looked so good...Go take a look!

  • Philly talk show host, Michael Smerconish, has posted on Arianna Huffington's 'blog'. HIS ARTICLE and the book that it discusses (Imperial Hubris written by former CIA agent MICHAEL SCHEUER) is causing quite a stir. The article discusses "Why do they hate us?" and is worth the read and equally slams how Republicans and Democrats have approached the War n Terror.

  • A while back I was asked to participate in an anonymous Blog Survey that was being done by some grad students for their final grade. The subject was "Ethics in Blogging". They have now published their results and I found them to be quite fascinating. Here is a snippet of the study:

    "Non-personal bloggers tend to have more readers, update their weblogs more frequently, and spend more time on their weblogs.

    Non-personal bloggers’ reasons for blogging, the people whom they write about, and their primary intended audience are also different from those of personal bloggers."

    It also goes into the different ethical priorities of personal vs. non-personal (political) bloggers. You can READ THE REST HERE.

  • Milblog News: Finally! Michael, from A Day in Iraq has posted again. His new post explains why he was unable to blog for OPSEC reasons. Go welcome him back... Also, MSG Keith is now a Grandpa! He has posted pics of his new granddaughter -so make sure you stops by to say Congrats!

  • I know a lot of you hate the new "no right click" feature. I didn't realize that you open the links in new windows. I installed it to protect The Sandbox pics (and any other original pics) that people have sent. I have made all of today's links automatically open in a new window. I hope that solves the problem. Text can still be copied if you highlight and Ctrl C.

  • I also have some regional-interest stories up over at Philly Future...for you locals.
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