Saturday, July 09, 2005

Things You Shouldn't Miss...

The 47th installment of The Carnival of the Recipes is up. What struck my fancy this week you ask? Well, the Walnut-crusted baked chicken sounds nice (and easy), the Apple cake sounds really good does the Apple Snow. There are really too many good recipes to miss, so head on over to Punctilious' "Like News But Tasty" and get cooking!

Jay, over at Stop the ACLU! has a post called 'Christmas in July' (Jay love the new page, but I can't figure out how to permalink from it) that details an Alliance Defense Fund victory over the ACLU (regarding dolls...!? LOL)

For anyone that still has yet to hear...MSG Keith got his own digs! Go visit him and say hi over at My Army Life and Times. What shall I send for a housewarming gift? You will also find two other new sites in the Milblog links... You may have noticed a Zoomie that was duking it out with a BS left-leaning regular a few posts back --that was Zoom and his site Confessions of a Caffinated [sic] Zoomie now has a home in the sidebar. Also linked is one of ~Jen~ and ArmyGirl's favorites... JP from The National Guard Experience. JP has a take-no-prisoners style that makes no excuses and you gotta love that in a writer! Upon his return from The Stan (shortly), he plans to start reviewing other Milblogs and not being shy about letting readers know if they suck. I like him already!

Blackfive has linked to a site that has just been set up to send a message to the terrorists (that's what they are NYT's editorial board -Al Qaeda IS NOT an "insurgent group") Go look at London's (and the world's) steadfast spirit at We Are Not They say the pictures are still flooding in and some of them are quite creative! (I don't think I noticed any from Spain...)

Over at Tesco's place -Andrew from BloggedyBlog (Punk turned youth Pastor) has guest-posted an awesome piece about The Jim Carroll Band that is definitely worth the read.

I also wanted to say thank you once more to DARIA from Web-Divas who re-designed the House of Sage. Thank you all for your feedback too... 92Alpha -I was waiting to hear if the font was too small! :)

Update: For those of you clinging to the belief that there were no connections between Al Qaeda and Saddam --The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill offers plenty of proof for you to sift through. Wow! This is the most comprehensive compilation I have seen yet...

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