Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strange Arrest...

This man, 23 year old Jerome Mason, was arrested for walking down the street without a shirt. Apparently the 6' tall, 200 lb. man has a full set of breasts. It is unclear whether they are natural or were purchased. He was charged in Cincinnati with indecent exposure.

"He's a guy. He's real tall, and he's got a full set of breasts," prosecutor Kevin Donovan told a courtroom Tuesday.

Whatever the size or shape of Mason's breasts, he shouldn't have been arrested, argued defense attorney Michael Welsh.

"It's not illegal for a man to expose his breasts," Welsh told the court. "It's also not even technically illegal for a woman to expose her breasts [in public]."

Welsh may be right — a 1990 Cincinnati municipal court ruling established that breasts, male or female, are not "private parts" under Ohio decency law.(source)

I still haven't decided what's more strange --that the man has full breasts or that he was actually arrested for it... This begs another question --why can very overweight men walk topless when women can't --when the men's breasts are sometimes much larger than the women’s... Not that I want to go topless...just wondering.

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