Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ok...I'll Play...

Lots of people have asked "who I like for '08"... I have hesitated to 'go there' as I am still not fully recovered from '04, and right now I am more focused on the Supreme Court (which, to me, was what a large part of '04 was all about).

But, I'll tell you who is foremost in my mind right now when I think about 2008. Virginia Senator George Allen. I don't even know if he is someone that has been thrown into the mix for consideration, but I like him. He is articulate, he's funny and his voting record is near perfect (IMO). He considers himself a "Common sense" conservative populist --and he falls in the exact same spot that I do on that political chart. Two clicks right of center (where Tony Blair is also).

I love that the AFL-CIO gives him a 0% rating. That right there is enough to get my vote. He also gets a 0% from the She-Men at NARAL. Good, good... He only gets a 20% from the ACLU (aren't you loving him already!?) 27% from my nemesis the NEA (teacher's union). And a resounding 0% from Peace Action (an anti-anything military group). (HERE is a pretty comprehensive look at his voting record).

Take the Vote Match Quiz to compare your views to those in Congress.

So there you have it... My '08 candidate...
(*views and opinions subject to change at author’s behest*)

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