Thursday, July 07, 2005

Must Unleash My Inner Feminazi...

Is it any surprise that the man caved and the woman stood tall and stuck to her guns?!

Judith Miller of the NYT is in a D.C. jail as Time's Matt Cooper sips apple Martinis in his living room... I'm not sure why, but I'm sick over this. Maybe because I see that Blogger's rights may be stripped and journalists are now in jeopardy. Judith Miller never even wrote about the Valerie Plame story --never. This makes no sense. She didn't write about it and she may sit in jail until October while Bob Novak and Matt Cooper play golf.

Requiring journalists to reveal sources is a BAD thing --it undermines the whole purpose of the press being the 'fourth branch' providing further checks and balances of government. I know that the witch-hunt for Karl Rove may be viewed by the left as a legitimate reason to undermine this pillar of our society, but it isn’t. Undermining our troops and the WoT isn’t a legitimate way to ‘punish’ Bush and stripping this country of a serious check of the Government isn’t worth hanging Rove. And the thing is…we don’t know who the source is…and all the speculation in the world won’t change that. The crazier thing is that the prosecutor already KNOWS the source for both journalists --so why is Judith Miller in jail?

I want to call on the President to pardon her and have her released to her family immediately --but of course that would be seen as a cover up to protect his Administration...not an honorable act in the face of gross injustice. This makes me sick.

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