Thursday, July 21, 2005

More Soldiers Arrested...

THESE STORIES really bother me. Eleven more soldiers were arrested for detainee abuse. None of the 'abused' needed medical attention. I don't believe we should be torturing people --but now we can't even rough them up?!
There are fights in the US all the time... if someone insults your girl, likes the wrong sports team, slams into you in a club or yells at your kid at Tee-ball --and people understand that tempers flare. It's human nature. But somehow Soldiers & Marines are supposed to witness civilians and 'brothers' being blown up by IEDs and when they catch the guys they aren't supposed to have any anger?
I realize that it's not preferable since we are so sensitive now about the rest of the world and how they see us... But how many of those bitching have had to stand face to face with a person that just killed their friend? How would they react if they had to pick up body parts of someone they cared about --even the most liberal among us? How many other wars were waged this way -slapping soldiers on the wrist at every turn? These are not nice people -and if they get a slap here and be it.
We will not win the war by demoralizing our Soldiers and Marines... If you want to know how they treat prisoners in the Middle East, read about Egypt. People there are afraid to commit a crime. We need to make people afraid to plant an IED...

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