Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Randoms...

Do you know who feminist/writer Naomi Wolf is? Well, HERE is an article that she wrote about the "porn myth". She, the late Andrea Dworkin and Hillary Clinton often lambaste pornography and the evils of the naked body --but ironically they are all speakers/supporters of NARAL. Remember them...? The ones having the Screw Abstinence party complete with a 'sex toys demonstration'... Anyway, I saw an interview with her (Wolf) the other day and she is so horrible that she makes Susan Estridge look like a fun dinner date!

Salt1907 has weighed in on the Rove "scandal" -comparing Clinton and Bush Whitehouse tactics during an investigation.
...Isn't it amusing (sad) that the left is throwing around the word "treason" in reference to Karl Rove yet hardly a word was heard when many thought that failed Presidential candidate John Kerry outed a CIA agent --the difference? The CIA never asked Novak not to release Plame's name, but the agency DID ask that Fulton Armstrong's name not be revealed during John Bolton's UN confirmation filibuster (Kerry did it anyway). Also, remember that little incident with Sandy Berger impeding a National Security investigation by sneaking classified documents in his tighty whities!? How quickly they forget. Or how conveniently...

The Carnival of the Recipes (Edition #48) has been up since Friday at One Happy Dog Speaks, and host VWBug has done an excellent job! What looks good this week? Well, I am always up for new Waffle recipes (or in this case "ancient" ones), the Pina Colada Punch sounds yummy, Bad carbs...but I love Chicken & Dumplings, and OMG! Kentucky Butter Cake! There's tons more -so go take a look...

Beth (SWWBO) has an awesome post up about one of my favorite institutions to rag on...the NEA (teacher's union)...this is definitely worth the read. She also has a Hippie Test posted...Here are my results:

I am 14% Hippie.
So Not a Hippie.
What? Am I a Republican? Why did I even bother taken this test?! I guess I’ll back to my George W. Bush fan club and tell them I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. At least I don’t stink, man.

I haven't seen the new Willy Wonka yet, but over the weekend I heard the funniest review of the movie (can't remember what show it was on...) The critic said: This movie is a bit creepy because it's the story of Michael Jackson. Willy Wonka is a white, middle aged man that lures underage children to his house and does things to them that he could be prosecuted for....LOL.

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