Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Police Confirm...

...(attempted?) explosions occurred on 3 tubes and a bus. No trace of chemical agents in initial investigation. Bombs seem to be smaller than last attack, and on preliminary examination seem to be much more amateur devices. Two weeks to the day from the last attack.

I read the other day that after the last bombing British support for the war in Iraq and how the US was handling terrorism soared higher (I think it was to 56%). That made me wonder how support for the war played out here in terms of geography. Are people closer to NYC, PA and D.C. more likely to support our efforts? People like The Man and I that stood and watched the smoke stream down the horizon? People that lost loved ones and had near misses? I wonder if that study has been done...

Once again, our thoughts and prayers go out to our British counterparts.

UPDATE: London Police shoot man in subway - 7/22/05

"Terrorism is the enemy of all free people."
~Australlia's Prime Minister Howard (appearing with Tony Blair this afternoon at Downing Street)

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