Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8

Can I ask a question...?

How the hell is this helping the people of Africa? I am not being facetious –this is a serious question. They charged $35 admission for Live Aid (and that was A LOT of money back then)...but this is free. And though the coverage looked and felt like a telethon --it wasn't. So, help me out here. How is Bon Jovi in his brown Zorro shirt and mustard yellow pants playing for free helping HIV+ Africans?

And OMG, did you see some of the interviews with the crowd?!
MTV Reporter in a half top: "So" flips hair, "like, what did you learn today?"
High-Fivin' white guy in obligatory white & Crimson college cap: "Uh...uh, that we need to help littler countries."
Teeny Bopper girlfriend chimes in: "Yeah! and it really wouldn't cost much. We should be helping the other countries."

ALa sitting at a restaurant with Justrose and AB, FAR from Live 8, watching it on every television in the place and trying to shove her fork through her head to make it all STOP! Make them stop talking!!!!

Not to ruin the festive mood of giving watching free concerts, but can a LITTLE BIT of personal responsibility enter into this? Can people that know their country is over-run with HIV stop engaging in prostitution!? Would that maybe help to slow things down a bit? I know, I am very Ebenezer Scrooge about the whole thing --but I just don't get how free concerts help dying people. Don't get me wrong --I am glad that we are helping, and am glad to see Bono and Geldof acknowledge that President Bush has done more for Africa than any other sitting President.

If all the celebrities (that were sitting in a VIP tent that was set up by Philadelphia Restaurant god -Stephen Starr -that was an exact replica of his Buddakan Restaurant which just won Best in Philly) wrote a check instead of picking up a microphone, they could probably afford to buy meds for the whole damn continent...

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