Thursday, July 14, 2005

Isn't It Ironic...

...that liberals will vehemently defend the rights of pedophiles in the U.S. and troop-murderers in GITMO and scream how "innocent until proven guilty" is a vital tenet of our society--yet Rove and Delay are guilty even if proven innocent. They scream when we say they aren't Patriotic, yet they consistently give criminals and terrorists the benefit of the doubt. If you stop it we will too!

...that the BBC won't refer to these London Muslim homicide bombers as "terrorists" and will only use the word "bombers" (due to their "policy of even-handedness"). Do they have a problem labeling the IRA as terrorists? Aren't they just freedom fighters Beeb?

...that the economy is booming, the deficit is down and the tax revenue is way up (proving that Bush's tax policy was spot on), yet all we hear about is the murdered girl in Aruba and Karl Rove's guilt even if proven innocent.

...that all the staunchest abortion defenders claim that it isn't just a giant money-making industry and that it truly is available only to help women... And now those very same people (yes, the she-men at NARAL) are throwing a SCREW ABSTINENCE party complete with t-shirts. Is business down and they need to promote reckless sex to boost revenue?

...that we can't manage to get all of these high tech space shuttles off the ground (or back on the ground), yet that hunk of aluminum foil in the Smithsonian made it to the moon and back.

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