Friday, July 22, 2005

In the Sandbox...

Filter out ‘background noise’

"Every Super Bowl produces a winner and each player gets a coveted ring. First team, second team, all are esteemed for their unique and valuable contributions.

The war on terror is another world-class event, where the stakes are much higher. Unlike football, our members don’t carry a ball or always wear the same uniform. We do, however, have a common enemy and common goals.

Here in Iraq, we have our own world-class team doing great things. They are the force protection providers who keep us safe within our walls; the combat arms teams who actively search and engage the enemy before they can do us harm; our combat support community making things happen on both sides of the wire; the personal security details who protect the dignitaries forging Iraq’s fledgling democracy; the God-loving people who pray for us at worship services, prayer breakfasts and in their private moments. Also, the host of supporting civilian staff that serve us well and serve us so often.

In a well-orchestrated symphony, each musician skillfully plays his or her part, whether great or small. Sometimes, however, when the background noise gets too loud, things can get a little distorted. That’s when I sit back and once again appreciate the music and remember the guiding principle, “One team, one fight.”"

~Chaplain (Maj.) Don Zapsic
Camp Liberty, Iraq

...USAF & ANG girls...
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