Sunday, July 10, 2005

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Troops, ignore the naysayers
"As the war wages on there are those who are positioning themselves within the ranks of the naysayers and many of them are elected officials. Are we shocked? Not at all, but I say ignore them!

What those of you on the front (and in the rear) are doing is vitally important. Do not second guess why any of you are where you are. This is a mission that had to happen, and if America didn’t act, then who would? I think we know the answer.

Here in the States, the majority of us want victory in Iraq and victory over terrorism. True, some will always cry foul, blame their own country for everything and bash the military’s efforts. Why would anybody care about those individuals anyway? They’d protest their own existence if given the opportunity. Plus they are the same people who wear leather jackets to PETA rallies.

The only opinions you need be concerned with are of those who stand behind you and your efforts. It’s your sweat, your blood and your grit that will win this thing!

All of you know how good you are. All of you know how tough you are. And all of you know just how right we are in taking this fight to the enemy.

You are “real” Americans, and there is no disputing this. You are the toughest of the tough and the bravest of the brave. Many of you have seen horrors the rest of the world will never see ... and yet you get up to hit again the very next day.

You’ve rid the world of a dictator, helped a country to hold free elections, assisted in the establishment of a democratic government and have assisted in the building of a military force — all of this inside of two years! This, my friends, is unparalleled.

So I say “ignore the naysayers!” They are small-minded, lacking in substance and lack the intestinal fortitude to achieve victory."

~Petty Officer 1st Class Sean Stuckey, U.S. Coast Guard

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