Monday, July 25, 2005

He Has A Blogger Blog!

The 'artist' (and I use the word liberally), of the painting that upset my little Mason so much, has a blog on Blogger.

It's called the 'Corruption Exposer', and his "About Me" diatribe is quite telling. Though, didn't 'Berkeley Lawyer' say all you really needed to know? But wait --His FIRST post is about the 9/11 heroes (note that he has heroes in quotes, the way I put 'artist in quotes when referring to him) a.k.a. firefighters "looting during the chaos".

HERE is his site. He says that conservatives are 'afraid', but I have no problem linking his little site. It only helps our side when people see the seething, frothing faces of the far left. It's like free advertising...

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