Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to YOU...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to ~Jen~ (~Jinxy~) who is the very first person I met in the Blogosphere. I know people always say this, but ~Jen~ truly is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. She is sweet, kind and beautiful (on the inside and out). She has a contagious giggle and the cutest little Texas twang (when she isn't trying to hide it). It is no surprise that she's such a caring and genuine person, given that she is surrounded by great people -Big and Mean, Mrs. Little and Nice and her valiant hubby -Honaku. Thanks ~Jen~ for our many talks, laughing fits and for sending a little of that Texan sparkle over to Philly! Have a Great Birthday girl!!!!

And now My Birthday present to you... ~Jen~ THIS is Your Virtual Life!
A little montage from around the Blogosphere:

"I met Jen at Ala's place Blonde Sagacity. The first thing that I noticed, and still do, is that Jen always seems to be exuberant and happy. Not the ditzy kind of always happy without a care, but the kind of person you can tell makes lemonade out of lemons. She also always seems to be polite. Even when someone that disagreed with her is a little rude, her tone of reply was gracious and sometimes self deprecating humor. I've got to say that there were a few times I was ready to reply to someone with some rudeness back, but reading her comments would make me think twice about my
own. That delete button can do wonders. I always imagine Jen posting with a little smile on her face and laughing at our antics. You know there are people that can inspire you with their forthright leadership qualities, their straight talk and their beliefs. Jen has done that on a number of occasions for me with her great attitude and firm beliefs in right or wrong. Makes you want to be just like her.
Happy Birthday, Jen! Keep on smiling."
Kat of The Middle Ground

"I consider ~Jen~ a blogsister of the first order. She was there with Ala and me from the very first day. We all found each other over at My War, and it was from Jen that I got some of my first comments and really got the sense that "hey, maybe I can do this blog thing." I certainly never would've continued on without her encouragement and support.
I have had the pleasure of talking to Jen "outside the blogs" and of meeting her lovely parents, Mr and Mrs BigandMean. I have to say that there really are not more generous or caring people on this planet and I am privileged to know them. Just the sound of Jen's gorgeous tinkling laughter and sweet Texas drawl on the phone makes my day. We don't talk often enough, but when we do we laugh and share like old friends.
It is amazing to me that we have this medium to find people who are so much like us, and yet bring enough of a difference to our lives that we learn and grow just by knowing them. Ala and I both feel that Jen is a friend we've had for a long time, and there is a naturalness and ease to our association. And so sweetie, it gives me so much joy to send you a birthday wish made of all the great things in this world. You deserve each and every one of them, and more, for all the things you do and are to all of us."
Rose of The Anonymous Rowhouse

"Happy Birthday Jen!
I gotta tell you girl, you are so incredibly special to me! I can
tell you anything, and listen. You help me focus on the important
things.... and ignore the unimportant. You look out for your sista's
and brutha's- and we've got your back too. I love your spunky nature
and your openness. You can make me laugh during my darkest
moments.... I love you, girl! You da best...."
AFSis of My Side of the Puddle

"The first time I met Jen, I think she was threatening to ban me from blogland. It didn't take long for her to understood that I was slow, and couldn't play well with the other kids. Since then she's been nothing but nice as she could be. She told me that she once was in the band, and was different from the other kids too. Now that I know we are both band nerds, I don't feel so different in blogland anymore. Even if her daddy don't like me..."
RBP of The Dirty South

"there once was a girl named ~Jen~
who i'd zonk with now and then
and when i'd give the boys a *thwap*
or with the cat o' nine rap,
she'd squeal "OOH! do it again!"

happy birthday from wunderland!
be good, or be good at it!"
Alix of Wunderland

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