Sunday, July 03, 2005

Gunner Palace

...I took the advice of a few of you and watched Gunner Palace Friday night. I figured that the documentary didn't show any Iraqi's getting shot up or I would have heard about that --so I told the boys they could watch it with me. Well...who knew there were so many Gangsta Rappers in the US Army --using the 'N' and 'F' word over an over... So, I watched the movie and tried to cover four ears with two hands each time the raps started...

For those of you that haven't heard about this movie, it's about the 2/3 Field Artillery -or the gunners- that lived in one of Uday's bombed-out love-shack palaces for a year. One strange thing about this movie is that I liked a lot of 'extra' scenes more than the ones that made the cut...

This is a really personal, first hand look at the troops that even the embedded reporters at the beginning of the war weren't privy to, or just didn't delve into. I didn't feel that it had a bias either way -it showed soldiers that were behind the fight, ones that seemed against it and some that were apathetic. I was wishing it would have been longer when it ended. I think those of us that read Milblogs love the insight we get into some of the authors and this was even more personal.

I was wondering if these boys got a cut of the movie deal...? And wondering if any other war in history produced movie and book deals before the fighting had even ended...? It's a strange phenomenon. Cool though. I wonder if any of the rappers got offered recording contracts --a few of them were quite good.

Anyway, this is definitely worth the rental (actually I am going to buy it). The website has a 'Baghdad Diary' section that's really good too.

Bonus movie recommendation
: OPEN WATER (This is my worst fear and way worse than Jaws because it's plausible and based on a mind-blowing true story --all scuba divers need to read this one...)

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