Friday, July 22, 2005

Feminism: Evolving Definitions...

The other day Courtney (self-proclaimed liberal) said something that stuck with me:
"Feminism is for victims."
And it's true --in the most common connotation of the word.

But does it have to be that? Here is one of my favorite quotes from my political muse: Mary Matalin (speaking about her first boss in the campaign world):

"...She brought unique management skills to the campaign, female management skills. The campaign ran like a family. There was none of this Men-are-pigs, men-are-the-enemy feminism to her, just a sense that "Men can be dopey and we know that, and we know that we can be smarter than they are, and here's how you act in the world." She loved men, but she was magnificent to women. Maxene was my idea of what feminism could and should be: women helping other women without hating men or aspiring to be men..." (source)

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