Friday, July 08, 2005

Code Pink Descends on Walter Reed...

Are you in the DC area? The FReepers want your help… EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT...
I came across a great blog's run by a military wife and called Andi's World -Hell on Heels.

She has a story posted that just floored me. Apparently Code Pink (a 'women's grassroots movement for peace and social justice') is protesting outside of Walter Reed Medical Center. This group of "mothers" and "grandmothers" protesting outside of a military hospital? Is this their idea of the 'creative protesting' that their site calls for? I can think of nothing more inappropriate than this. They carry signs reading, "Mothers don't let your children grow up to be killers". I am disgusted.

BUT...Andi informs us that, as usual, the FReepers are on top of it. Andi writes:
"I happen to think it inappropriate that any demonstration is held outside of Walter Reed. The hell that is being lived behind those gates is unimaginable, so I think it should be off-limits to either side. Just let them be. I was happy to hear that Bill agreed with me. But, as I told Bill, "I would be horrified if a wounded soldier were en route to Walter Reed and when they stopped at the corner, the only thing greeting them were members of Code Pink." That would clearly be unacceptable. Bill and his fellow FReepers have vowed to counter Code Pink as long as they intend to demonstrate. When Code Pink loses their will and cease their demonstrations, the FReepers will pack up and go home." (source)

Thanks to Andi for this story --and to the FReepers (the Jedis of the conservative movement) for taking the time out to make sure our troops know that they are supported.

For anyone in the D.C. area they are calling on people to come out and join them TODAY!!!
From BillF at Free Republic: "We absolutely must keep the pressure on Code Pink and keep showing the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed that Code Pink doesn't speak for the nation. If you live in the DC area and haven't yet come out for one of these FReeps, please do so this next Friday. Injured Walter Reed patients, including amputees, have repeatedly told us how important it is for us to be there to counter Code Pink.

If we can sufficiently outnumber the leftists often enough, embarrassment may cause the leftists to stop these outrageous morale-damaging ("Maimed for a lie" is one of their signs) demonstrations at the hospital. What about you? Can you spare a few hours on a Friday night? Can you give up next Friday night at the movies to support troops who've given up limbs for your freedoms? Will you?" Go HERE for details.

Please help spread the word to all DC-area military supporters!!!!

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