Sunday, July 17, 2005

Calling All Frees...The Moonbats are Barking!

...So, how to make a long story short...

Matt, from the Tattered Coat, copied and pasted my Karl Rove post on his blog and dissected it. I have already said in his comments that I think doing that is a cheap shot --but Matt is a good guy and hey, it gave him an easy post that has gotten tons of comments... So I have been the lone voice from the right battling the barking moonbats over there for three days (no, that's not true, Skye came over too). The discussion there isn't that vitriolic. It's a fairly decent give and take --except for one Supreme Kool Aid drinker. This guy, I am pretty sure his name is Dick (quite appropriate actually), linked my post on his site as "a Philly area wing-nut /treason apologist" and his commenters have gone on to call me ugly, dumb, developmentally disabled...well, you get the gist.

Another site linked it also and there I was also called ugly, dumb, and (this is one I have never been called before so 2 pts.) skanky. The people there seem to have a major problem with you military types and were quite upset over the "Gun Porn" which I can only surmise is 'The Sandbox'...Even better -you have to register to comment there and they WOULDN"T LET ME! They link my stuff and talk trash and then I can't defend myself? Libs do so hate that pesky free speech thing. For the record I have NEVER blocked someone from commenting here. EVER.
Here is the email I received: (Update: The site manager says that they just monitor comments (?) and that mine was posted...just my membership was denied. My question is why monitor comments? But thanks for clearing that up and I do see my comment there now)

"Your membership account has been declined

We're sorry but our staff has decided not to validate your membership.


I'm tired and I'm getting a bit cranky and finding hard to maintain my above-the-board chipper comments... I can hold my own, but only for so long...

So, if you want in on the actual Rove debate and want to read the latest left-spin -go to Matt's Rove discussion

(What I have been noticing is that all of us have no problem going over to lefty sites -even when we are the only ones being assualted by the mob...but they, aside from the decent Dems we have have, will never do that. They all came over here and then went back there to say nasty stuff --not ONE had the nerve (and decency) to say what they had to here where they would be challenged. Why is that? Why is the right more willing to engage openly in debate?)

Over at the appropriately named All Spin Zone run by Dick... there is no real discussion -just 3rd grade nastiness... (Update: Damn, he must have gotten wind of this post and closed the comments under it...but I doubt he closed all of his comments...) Further Update: Me and The Man's IP addresses have been BLOCKED! Doesn't he realize this is the technology age...?!*evil laughter*;) 3rd Update: I am not going to link his site, because he has re-directed all traffic coming from here to some moonbat site -obviously a major computer dork that is only brave behind his keyboard when he is preaching to the choir... His site is Or Google 'All Spin Zone' --WHY IS THIS GUY SO SCARED TO HEAR FROM THE RIGHT?!

...As for Peskyapostrophe, don't bother --they won't let you comment anyway...

Update: Just saw that Army Girl went over there...and all I can say is 'Girl, you rock...and regardless of political affiliations -I will always have your back!'

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