Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blog Twins...

Have you met yours?

I was reading Army Girl's comments over at Zoom's blog, and she was telling him how I think that everyone has a blog twin out there. I do. I think we all have them. A person that you came across in this virtual reality, that lives somewhere else in this vast country, and that eerily mirrors how you think. Someone that saves you from commenting because they already wrote what you would have said under any given post. Someone you can't believe is out there because they are so like you. It's odd to think that we would have never met them without *this*.

My blog twin is 91 Ghost. AB's blog twin is Free0352 (which I guess makes him my blog brother). What's crazy is I think Tesco's blog twin is PunkRock Mommy --who is married to 91Ghost. How strange is that --our blog twins are married to each other... I love that. I thought that blog twins might clash in real life --end up killing each other because they are too much a like, but Tesco and PRM got along great and their similarities crossed over into real life. (To the newer readers out there -Ghost no longer posts...he went out (not literally) in his prime like Dean, Hendrix and Cliff Burton --but the myth remains! LOL)

Has this strange medium introduced us to people that were obviously meant to be in our lives... Or are there 1,000's of people out there that we would click with that easily? But if that's the case, why don't we ever seem to come across them in real life?

Do you all think there are blog twins out there? Have you met yours? Who is it?

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